Street Style Idol – Emma Watson

Emma Watson. Is there anything this woman can’t do. As a massive Harry Potter fan, I’ve admire her for years – as an person, actor, and most recently as a street style idol. Watson manages to be youthful, clean, natural and classic at the same time, always looking age-appropriate and naturally gorgeous. She has a very British style, but I also see some Parisian influence when I look at her everyday wear. She’s a big fan of simple ballet flats and black leggings. While she knocks it out on the red carpet, I think her everyday wear is just as great and fashion forward. Emma Watson always gets it right in my book!

Love this simple look and it’s easy to emulate: A checkered shirt under a slouchy, neutral colored sweater, some black leggings and some chic ballet flats. Just add a cute pixie cut for those of you who are bold enough!


I saw this look back in December and resolved to get a cape for the fall (Boston winter’s are much too cold for just a cape!) Such a simple piece of clothing en yet, it can make you look crazy chic and classic.


I love absolutely everything about this look. EVERY.THING.


Okay, I cannot wait for it to get a little bit cooler (it was 89 degrees today!) so I can wear a variation of this outfit. The shoes, skirt, and sweater are amazing. While Emma wore it on a flight out of Heathrow, it will be just as good for running around the city on crispy Autumn days.


I need to get myself some leather leggings. I have a sweater (2 actually) with zips on the side, but the leggings definitely make the outfit!

Thoughts on Em Watson’s street style?


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