OOTD: Winter – Spring Transition


You’d never know that it was meant to be springtime in Boston. We had snow this weekend and it’s yet to reach 50 degrees.

As much as I’m dying to incorporate some spring items into my wardrobe, it’s just not feasible quite yet. I’ve been reaching for striped shirts and throwing my faux fur gilet over top for both warmth and style. I got mine from Forever 21 at the start of winter, but Topshop still has a few good options left. And don’t worry about buying one in spring, as faux fur always comes back into trend once cold weather hits.


A leopard bag is always a good idea.

Shop some here.


We are two days from April and here’s the gloomy view from my bedroom.

DSCN0023As I’m new to the blogging world, these books have been lifesavers when it comes to acting as camera stands!

And in terms of actually READING them, both are amazing reads for anyone interested in fashion.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

Grace: A Memoir


Hope you all are having better spring weather than we are!


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