Emma Watson Creates New Instagram to Promote Her Sustainable Fashion Picks


I think it is pretty clear that I really admire Emma Watson. When I saw that she had created a new Instagram account to highlight the sustainable and ethical fashion she wears while promoting her new film Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had to write about it.

Over the past year Emma Watson has made the conscious decision to only wear sustainable clothing on the red carpet. This Instagram account is an excellent way for her to showcase lesser-known brands (as well as some heavy-hitters that are leading the way in sustainable and ethical fashion such as Stella McCartney, Burberry, and Oscar de la Renta). Ms. Watson has worn items from Carmen March, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Filippa K, and Boody Wear. She goes a step further by having all of her fashion choices verified by Eco-Age, a consultancy agency run by Livia Firth that helps fashion companies become more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Emma has also taken to listing the non-toxic and organic beauty products she has been wearing while on the tour.

I think this is an incredible thing that Emma Watson is doing. She is bringing so much attention to sustainable fashion and showing that wearing it does not mean that you can’t be stylish. Yes, most of the items she wears are ridiculously expensive. The black Stella McCartney dress that Emma wears in one of her posts will set you back a cool £1,325. But what is important is the PR and publicity that Emma is bringing to sustainable fashion and the ethical brands that she is wearing. The_Press_Tour Instagram account, launched only four days ago, already has over 300,000 followers. While most of us will be unable to afford to buy the items that she is actually wearing, it doesn’t mean that her legions of fans won’t try to emulate her and possibly purchase more environmentally-friendly clothing. There are plenty of affordable alternatives, like People Tree, which Emma actually collaborated with in 2009.

I think Emma Watson is doing a really incredible thing with the platform she has. Hopefully her star power will help bring sustainable fashion to the masses!

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