Little Ondine Nail Polish – A Nontoxic Alternative!


Painting your nails is a favorite past time for a lot of people. I find the whole process actually pretty relaxing if I have time to sit down and do it properly. If I had it my way, I would have my nails painted at all times – I just love the way they look with a bit of color on them. However, there are definitely some things I do NOT like about painting my nails:

  • the fact that I have to make sure I have proper ventilation so I am not breathing in the absolutely toxic-smelling fumes
  • waiting for the paint to dry – I have no patience for this
  • having to use acetone or another harsh chemical to effectively remove all of the polish once it has begun to chip
  • thinking about how many potential chemicals are being absorbed into my body through my nail beds (!!)

Luckily Little Ondine is here to remedy all of these things! I can’t remember exactly where I first about this nail polish brand, but once I did some research I knew I was all in. First and foremost, these nail polishes do NOT contain any toxins or harsh chemicals. In fact, there are mostly made up of natural resin, organic colorants, and water. When I read that I was basically sold, because regular nail polish is extremely toxic, but once I read more it kept getting better. These polishes have absolutely NO odor to them!!! I was a little skeptical until I received the set I ordered and took a sniff – there is absolutely 100% NO smell to them. You could theoretically paint your nails anywhere without drawing attention to yourself or feeling like you are going to pass out from the noxious fumes.

These are also quick drying and you do not need nail polish remover to remove them. All you have to do is peel them off and voila! I bought myself the Starter Collection which comes with a red polish, a light pink polish, and a base/top coat. They have every color you could think of and they cost £9.50 ($12.99 USD).  The colors last about five days on me, which I think is pretty good. Peeling them off is also a breeze and because they are meant to be peeled off (unlike regular nail polish – PLEASE don’t peel that!!) your nails are not damaged from doing so.

All in all I cannot say enough good things about this line. The brand ships ships both to the USA and the UK, so I won’t be without it once I go back home. I am planning on replacing all of my nail polishes with this brand. In fact, I just bought myself another bottle last night.


DISCLAIMER – I purchased this product myself. All thoughts are my own.

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