14 Days as a Vegan

Two weeks ago I decided to try a vegan lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for ten months and I do not drink dairy. BUT I eat eggs, butter, and cheese. I have wondered for a while if I would have the willpower to commit to not eating any animal products. I knew that I could probably give up eggs and there are plenty of butter substitutes, but CHEESE I knew would be the absolute hardest.

I am proud to say that I went a full 14 days without consuming any animal products. It was actually a lot easier (when I was at home) than I thought it would be. I didn’t miss cheese that much and most of my food staples (spinach, rice, chickpeas, garlic, pasta, etc.) were already completely plant-based anyway. I really recognized the difficulty of a vegan lifestyle while I was out though. For example, I went to Starbucks with two friends for some almond lattes and we ended up staying and chatting for almost three hours. Towards the end, I was properly hungry but soon realized that next to nothing on the Starbucks food menu was vegan. There were plenty of vegetarian options but they all had either cheese or eggs listed as ingredients. I know that it doesn’t sound like much of anything, but when your hands are shaky and you feel slightly faint (which sometimes happens to me if I go without eating for a while), it became a big deal. Little instances like that, things you do not plan for, are what make being vegan hard for me. Plus all I wanted was a croissant.

What I have taken away from the experience is this: I have MAJOR respect for people who live a vegan lifestyle 24/7. It is something that I think I would ultimately like to work towards, and with the acceptance and science promoting a plant-based lifestyle increasing, I think more brands and restaurants are going to make it easier for me to be able to. I also want to try being vegan at home and vegetarian while I am out. I eat at home probably 85% of the time, so this will really help me curb my environmental impact (my reason for going vegetarian and a big reason why I want to go vegan). But when I am out, I think I am going to let the standards slip a bit. Because sometimes you just need that ice-cream or bowl of raviolis and that is okay.

Almond Milk Lovers Rejoice – Starbucks Is Now Offering It in the UK!


There are a lot of reasons why people do not drink dairy – allergies, dietary restrictions, or they just plain do not like it. As someone who is trying to get away from eating dairy completely, almond milk has been a lifesaver. I will drink soy milk when I am out and about (it is usually the only non-dairy option), but due to conflicting reports about soy’s affect on hormones, I only drink it if it is the ONLY plant-based option available. Almond milk is all I drink at home and is my favorite thing to add to my daily coffee(s).

Starbucks began offering almond milk in the U.S. back in September and I was able to try it out when I went home for Christmas. I much preferred it to both the soy and coconut milks already offered at the chains. Starbucks has said that it is using an almond milk made specially to compliment their drinks and I found it to be quite good. I have been patiently awaiting the day it would come to the U.K.! How excited was I to finally see this tweet from the official Starbucks UK account last week!