We Need to Keep Talking About Unpaid Internships

I remember learning about internships in high school. During many college campus tours I was constantly touted to about that particular school’s amazing internship program by overeager student tour guides and how 9 out of 10 students completed at least one internship during their time at school. I was always going to do an internship. I knew this. It has long be promoted as the way to try out a career to see if it is the right fit. You could build your resume in short bursts and learn real-world experience while learning in a classroom. However as I began to do research I was shocked to find out how many of them required a full-time commitment yet were unpaid. This struck me as extremely unfair. 

Internships themselves, whether they are unpaid or not, are an issue. Today not only are millennials expected to be college-educated, but we now must also have work experience in our chosen fields before even being handed our degrees. Increasingly paying upwards of $60,000 a year for your higher education is not enough, you must also now devote your free time to an unpaid internship. And we are also meant to be grateful that a company is willing to let us do work for free. Also let us not forget about the internships that actually require previous experience.    

Our parents did not need to work for free. They were not expected to have professional experience before even being handed a diploma. They graduated from school and entered the workforce with an entry-level (usually full-time) position. They could immediately start paying back loans and saving for the future. Maybe they didn’t even have any loans because any free time outside of school was filled with a part-time job and not an unpaid position. Tuition and student loans are now too high and overwhelming for anyone to be working for free.     


Emma Watson Creates New Instagram to Promote Her Sustainable Fashion Picks


I think it is pretty clear that I really admire Emma Watson. When I saw that she had created a new Instagram account to highlight the sustainable and ethical fashion she wears while promoting her new film Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had to write about it.


Let’s Meet Again

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I started this blog two years ago. Many things have changed since then. I’ve graduated college, started a real office job, quit said office job, moved to London, U.K., and started working towards an MA in Public Relations & Advertising. I’ve also made it a point to become as socially conscious as I can. This means trying to live as intentionally and as ethically responsible as possible. The biggest hurdle I have found is shopping less – no more fast fashion for me. In college, fast fashion was my everything. I could go into H&M or Forever 21 each week and find something new to buy without much financial commitment. Heck I’ve even blogged about it! I was heartbroken to learn that fashion is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Only fossil fuel industry and the livestock industry beat it. So, I’d like this blog to focus on fashion as a force for GOOD. I want to help people see that the ethical fashion industry doesn’t have to be expensive nor ugly.